dinsdag 15 december 2015


The picture book that I got to make with the wonderful Marije Tolman, DOEI! (SEE YA!), has been sold to Colombia. The book will be issued in Spanish at Editorial Monigote
Originally the book was published with my home publishing house Querido in Amsterdam. 
It also has been sold, a little while ago, to Germany (Fischer Sauerländer). 
Other rights can be negociated here.

woensdag 2 december 2015


THIRTEEN RUNNING DEER (DERTIEN RENNENDE HERTJES), the book Mattias De Leeuw and I made for the Belgum company De Eenhoorn, was recently sold to Taiwan. Thus, it will be translated in what is called complex Chinese by Minya Lin. The Taiwanese publishing house will be Taiwan Interminds Publishing Inc.
The book came out in Germany (got a nomination for the German Literature Award 2015) and was also sold to China (mainland). 
More info on the rights can be found here.