zondag 26 oktober 2014


Yesterday, Deutschlandfunk (German cultural radio) spoke about animals in childrens books. One of the books that was used is EIN WINTER MIT SAM, the second book I wrote about the Great Pyrrhenese dog Sam - a true story. It was translated into German by Rolf Erdorf, at publishing house Carlsen, and illustrated by Philip Hopman.

To be read here , and to be listened here: (Samstag, 25. Oktober 2014, Deutschlandfunk, from 16:05 uur, and then from the 7th minute).

donderdag 23 oktober 2014


Charlotte Appelgren, Malena Janson, me, Erwin Houtenbrink, Eva Jakobsen.
Every year Amsterdam hosts one of the biggest Childrens Film Festivals: Cinekid. This year I had the huge honour to be a member of the International Jury.

Together with Erwin Houtenbrink, Charlotte Appelgren, Malena Janson and Eva Jakobsen I got to see fifteen movies, and pick the winner.
As our number one movie we chose the Dutch movie LIFE ACCORDING TO NINO, a wonderful film about a broken family, about dealing with grief in a brave and optimistic way and about... talking rabbits. The wonderful Argentinian movie NATURAL SCIENCES got a Special Mention.
The four days in Amsterdam were awesome, and the Cinekid Festival is simply amazing. Thanks for this opportunity.