vrijdag 1 juni 2018

NINO in Turkey

The Turkish version of THE DOG THAT NINO DIDN'T HAVE has recently been published. It was issued by Final Kültür Sanat Yayınları under the title: OLMAYAN BIR KÖPEGIN HIKAYESI. Nursen Kaya is the translator.

This book is Anton Van Hertbruggens beautiful first picture book, published by De Eenhoorn. Anton received awards for this book in Belgium, The Netherlands, USA, France and Germany.

The book also came out in English (Eerdmans, USA),
Chinese (Petrel),
Danish (Turbine),
French (Didier Jeunesse),
German (Bohem),
Korean (Jiyangsa),
Russian (Samokat),Ukrainian (Bobrovnikova),
Portuguese (Pulo do Gato, Brazil),
Macedonian (Ars Lamina)
and Spanish (Limonero, Argentina)

More about this title (and about the remaining rights & where to send your request for grants/rights): here.

OKAPIS in Estonia

Just out: the Estonian translation of STEM OP DE OKAPI (VOTE FOR THE OKAPI), the book Martijn van der Linden and I illustrated and wrote, our passionate plea for silent and shy animals (and human beings). The book was originally published in Amsterdam by Querido.

Kerti Tergem made the translation, and Päike ja Pilv published it. We are very proud that this book is available in a second language now! VALI OKAAPI!