zondag 1 mei 2022

Another starred review

Two weeks before its publication day in the United States, The days of bluegrass love, the English translation by Emma Rault of my young adult novel De dagen van de bluegrassliefde, got another starred review. Some weeks ago Kirkus gave it a star, and this time it's Booklist that stars the book as well: reviewer Michael Cart writes 'superb novel', 'beautifully written,' 'unforgettable characters', and he adds this brilliant final line of the review: 'First published in the Netherlands, this book has become a classic in Europe. It should absolutely become the same here.' 

Read the full review here. I'm incredibly proud to have this book in English after 23 (!) years. Thank you, Levine Querido, for taking it under your wing. I hope it will do you proud.