zondag 11 april 2021

New book!

This week Daddy is a polar bear (Dutch title: Papa is een ijsbeer) was published at De Eenhoorn. It's my first collaboration with the wonderful Saskia Halfmouw, and I'm pretty proud of it. Thank you to her, and thanks also to Dries Desseyn, the designer.

Daddy is a polar bear started out as a short story, but Saskia Halfmouw made it into a richly illustrated little graphic novel, which also makes it an easy read. The story is about an older sister and her little brother, who one day starts repeating this sentence: 'Daddy is a polar bear'. The girl wonders: why does he do that, what does it mean? But then she watches a documentary about polar bears... 

Daddy is a polar bear is a tender, light and warm story about being the children in a divorce situation. For children from 8 year old and up. 64 pages, full colour.